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I love shopping sprees. In fact, I rarely go shoping for just one thing. I blame it on the fact that I simply love walking around a store and looking at all the products offered.

So when I actually decide to spend some money, I end up with a big haul of things. I might have a problem ;) Which is why I make a point of not going shopping more than once a month (unless I know I can afford it)

So I simply knew that I had to start July with a shopping spree when I saw on Twitter (you can follow me, by the way) that MakeUpAcademy was giving away over L25 in cosmetics for orders L25 and higher. I like their products though I only tried out their eye shadows so far, but they are really affordable, so I ordered a bunch of things I was curious about.

And now I can’t wait for my order to arrive so I can try them all and, of course, show you m awesome MUA haul. I love it when websites ship internationally!

To give you a little sneak peek at what I ordered, I am looking forward to new lipsticks (never enough of those), lip liners, nail polish, eyebrow kit, concealer, primer and a foundation brush. Plus, of course, their #MUAREWARDS freebies. I have to say I’m looking forward to trying their lashes. I have neer tried falsies before (I have very long and dark natural lashes so a need for falsies never came up) so I’m excited!


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