5 Items you absolutely need in your closet

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Every time a new season starts we run to the stores to get the next cute outfit, in colors that are currently “in”, a new take on our older wardrobes or smply something we didn’t have in our closet before.

I’m guilty of that myself. I make sure to update my closet on a regular basis, be it because of the change in season or because of my body changing sizes (that happened over the years). But I always make sure I have these 5 items in my closet in one form on another. And I strongly believe you should have them as well.


5 Items you absolutely need in your closet


1. white men’s shirt – Depending on your body type and how big the shirt is you can do incredible things with a men’s dress shirt. You can wear it differently as it was intended (with some adjustments of course), turn it into a tube top or even a dress.

I used to have a shirt with long sleeves that I stole from my dad (to my defense he said I could keep it once I gave him puppy eyes), but recently I switched to a short-sleeved one that is simply perfect for the Summer.


2. well fitted jeans – I’m not talking skinny jeans, just ones that fit you well. The color doesn’t really mattered, over the years I’v e ad black ones and classic blue ones and they all worked really well with no matter what outfit I’ve put togeter. While jeans are predominantly casual wear, you can wear them to work, if they don’t have any shading and are of a darker color – especially if you work at a company that doesn’t have a strict dress code.

While I have other types of jeans, I always try to make sure I have one pair of high waist jeans. They mght not be the best for the hot weather, but I love how they look with simple tops and buttoned down shirts.


3. brown belt – Everybody should have a belt in their closet. Period. It’s the one accessory that can make or break an outfit. It changes the way a dress shirt looks on you, it gives that extra bling to a pair of regular pants and can turn a casual outfit into a glamorous one in seconds. While you can have any color you want, I do believe you can work with a brown belt much better than any other color.

I always tried to have one ready and right now I think I have at least five different ones. I have a light brown weaved belt that I use in excess during Summer months, I have a rich dark brown belt with small studs that I use with my various jeans, I have a skinny belt that I mostly use with tops and dresses and I have a baby blue feau-leather belt (just for the kicks).


4. scarf – Words cannot express how awesome scarfs are. Not only you can tie them differently giving them new shapes and looks. But if you have even one oversized scarf you can turn it into a top or even a dress, adding that extra oomph to your look. While any color scheme or pattern will be good, I especially recommend getting something in neutral color scheme so that you can use it in as many stuations as possible.


5. black shoes – Black shoes is the final item on this list, but they are possibly the most important ones. It doesnt matter if you have black flats or pumps or platform shoes. Whichever works for you. But black shoes are a must have.

Over the years I’ve always made sure to have black heels in my closet. I had peeptoe heels that I absolutely adored, and I had a Tstrap heels that were very 1920s and right now I’m sporting black flats (because after badly twisting my ankle I cant yet wear heels). They add elegance to any look (though, sometimes, to make them work, you need additional accessories) and are just brilliant.

Do you have these items in your closet? What are YOUR must-have clothes that you always make sure to have? Leave a comment down below, like and subscribe (it helps a this log a lot) and talk to me on Twitter!

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