The Worst/Best Make Up tutorial

I was ready to finish writing for the day but I checked my RSS feed first. I would honestly miss this gem if HuffPo Style section didn’t cover it. At first I didn’t know how to react to the video, because even if satirical, the author is clearly making fun of the beauty/makeup vloggers out there.

Then I realized it’s all in good fun and if you can’t poke fun at yourself, the Internet is clearly not for you.

The good thing is that several days before I watched a similar video by one of my favorite vloggers MissChievous (you can find this video here), so…

It’ a fun comic relief when you know the author is doing all this on purpose. It stops being funny when they are serious.


Let me say goodbye with possibly my favorite quote from the satire video above:

“I like to think of, like, each of my eyelashes is a french fry, and this is the ketchup.”

(I better make sure that the next post that covers mascaras is serious and well written ;)

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