Kick Off Summer Part 2 – Inglot’s Nail Polish Haul

As I wrote in my first “Kick Off Summer” post, I started my Summer by doing some shopping at Inglot. Here you can read all about the Sleeks Lip Glosses that I got and now it’s time for the nail polish haul. If you stick around you will quickly learn I am a nail polish addict and a proud owner of over 60 different nail polishes. But they are all either dark colors or very intense, vibrant ones. And for this season, I needed some pastels, especially since my go-to pastel mint polish from Sephora is slowly running out and got so thick that even a thinner isn’t helping much.

So in my quest to get some pastel nail polishes (and after a complete failure that was getting some random yellow at a drugstore), I decided to get two pastel polishes and some additional ones to make my Summer nails and nail art pop nicely.

For my basic colors, I got two pastels from Inglot’s Spring 2013 collection: 389 and 390, which are really nice mint (that will hopefully be able to replace my poor Sephora one) and a really pretty baby blue.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not crazy about the formula on those, it’s a bit runny and can be tricky to apply. One coat doesn’t really offer full coverage, and because the formula isn’t thick enough, the coverage can end up uneven with only one coat. But with two thick coats, the color comes off beautifully, so while applicatin leaves much to be desires, the finished look is really cute and perfect for Summer.

Inglot Nail polish

Because in the Summer I don’t really like heavy nail art and stick to cute, light designs (or ones that take a very short time to create), I went wild and got almost all colors from Inglot’s Crazy Nails collection.

I already got the classic black one and I was super happy with it, so I knew exactly what I would be getting.

I got 212, 213, 214 and 215, which basically translates to red, blue, green and pink. It did help that they were almost 50% off and I could afford so many.

In was surprised (and very pleased) that the colors turned out to be much more intense than they were on the site and I know they will look amazing with a pastel base. The only one I’m kind of disappointed with is the green ne, because it comes of close to black. But overall, they do exactly what I got them for, which is making my nails more interesting.

Kicking off Summer – Inglot’s Sleeks Lip Gloss

I decided to kick off my Summer by getting some fun stuff from Inglot. I ordered those from their website (the Polish one, which has free shipping) because the heat wave just made it impossible for me to leave the apartment. Now, I ordered some lip glosses and some nail polish, but I’m going to post about the polishes in a separate post.

Right now I want to concentrate on the lip glosses.

I am very particular when it comes to my lip glosses. They can’t be too thick and they REALLY cant be sticky. If they have too intense a smell or taste, I will not be using them. The perfect lip gloss is supposed to be seen, last long and make me forget that I’m wearing any.

This usually mean I stick to sheer/nude lipsticks instead of lip glosses because it’s very hard for me to find good, affordable ones.

So far, the only lip gloss that lasted for longer than few weeks is Sephora‘s Ultra Shine in Perfect nude, but that one’s still not perfect.

So I decided to “live dangerously” (LOL) and try something from Inglot since very few Inglot’s products disappoint me.

So I went and got myself three of the Sleeks Lip Glosses. At first I wanted to get regular ones (after briefly entertaining a thought of getting those multichromatic AMC ones), but I thought the way they are shaped like little test tubes was really cute. I’ve never seen lip gloss packaged like that and it peeked my interest. I really liked how the packaging was following the name of the product and how “sleek” it was.

Inglot Sleeks Lip Gloss

The three lip glosses that I got were numbers 29A, 30 and 37. I wanted to get a variety so that I wasn’t limited in my use of them and so I can use them on different occasions. I also wanted to get a spectrum as far as the shimmer goes, from the very clear 29A to the very sparkly 37. At the same time I didn’t want any intense colors when I didn’t know if I would like them. So I stuck to neutrals.

Inglot Sleeks LIp Gloss

Inglot Sleeks lip gloss

I tried them out and wow. They are light on the lips and they are in no way sticky. I didn’t really feel like I was wearing lipgloss in the first place. The shimmery particles stay on the lips incredibly long and I saw some shine even after I ate one pizza and drank a lot of soda.

The packaging is small and fits in any purse perfectly. I like both the sponge applicators that are typical for lipglosses and the brush on the 29A. I definitely recommend them if you are looking for something light to add a little shine and color to your lips during the Summer. Next time I am looking for lipglosses, I’ll turn to Sleeks first before trying something else.

Sephora Summer Sale Haul

When I got an email from Sephora about their Summer Sale I got really excited. I love shopping at Sephora and I got many of my “firsts” there. First nail polish haul, first make up brush, first eyeshadow palette…

So I knew I was going to get a great haul out of that sale. I checked the website first to make a list of things I wanted to get and went in. The sales girl was extremely helpful when it came to finding the stuff I wanted (and she probably helped me cut my shopping time in half. I would be wandering around the store like a lost puppy trying to find what I wanted).

With her help I got everything I wanted (and then some;)) and it was all 50-80% cheaper. I can’t wait to start using all my new shiny things :)

Anyway. I know that you’re here for the photos and swatches, so below I’m attaching them.

Sephora haul

First the really awesome Artist Color Box Palette, which contains 24 different eyeshadows (both matte and shimmer), 6 lipglosses and 5 eye pencils

130706 sephora artist palette eyepencil 

I really like the colors (especially the silver and brown ones). And even though they aren’t as creamy as some eye pencils I used in the past, they are still very nice.

130706 sephora artist palette eyeshadow 2



130706 sephora artist palette eyeshadow 3


130706 sephora artist palette eyeshadow 4

130706 sephora artist palette eyeshadow

I have to say, while I was swatching the eyeshadows, some of them were incredible. They all have a very good pigmentation, but some are more creamy and better to apply than others. I really like the qualty though.

130706 sephora artist palette lipstick


I couldn’t get the right focus on the lipglosses, but I LOOOVE the colors and their consistency and the application and how they feel on my skin. This post s not long enough for me to tell you exactly how much I love those lipglosses.

I also got two other eye pencils Sephora Khol expert and Sephora flashy liner waterproof

Sephora eye pencil

Plus (because I’m me) I got some cool nail polishes.

I got Ciate Velvet Manicure in vibrant purple (I had a photo of what it looks like inside but it didn’t want to upload; so you’re stuck with the picture of the box that you can see the in overview image). I really loved the packaging and since I am a bg fan of texture on my nails, I’m looking forward to trying it out.

I also got OPI Spiderman collection minis (I never actually got minis before and I’m curious how long they will last.

OPI Amazing Spiderman collection minis

I put on Just Spotted the Lizard! immediately after getting it and I have to tell you, three coats and I barely can feel any nail polish on my fingernails, even though the color is really intense. I am loving it.


And finally, I got to top coats from Sephora because I’m running out of my Sache Vite. I will keep you posted as to how they measure up :)

5 Items you absolutely need in your closet

closet by exalthim

Every time a new season starts we run to the stores to get the next cute outfit, in colors that are currently “in”, a new take on our older wardrobes or smply something we didn’t have in our closet before.

I’m guilty of that myself. I make sure to update my closet on a regular basis, be it because of the change in season or because of my body changing sizes (that happened over the years). But I always make sure I have these 5 items in my closet in one form on another. And I strongly believe you should have them as well.


5 Items you absolutely need in your closet


1. white men’s shirt – Depending on your body type and how big the shirt is you can do incredible things with a men’s dress shirt. You can wear it differently as it was intended (with some adjustments of course), turn it into a tube top or even a dress.

I used to have a shirt with long sleeves that I stole from my dad (to my defense he said I could keep it once I gave him puppy eyes), but recently I switched to a short-sleeved one that is simply perfect for the Summer.


2. well fitted jeans – I’m not talking skinny jeans, just ones that fit you well. The color doesn’t really mattered, over the years I’v e ad black ones and classic blue ones and they all worked really well with no matter what outfit I’ve put togeter. While jeans are predominantly casual wear, you can wear them to work, if they don’t have any shading and are of a darker color – especially if you work at a company that doesn’t have a strict dress code.

While I have other types of jeans, I always try to make sure I have one pair of high waist jeans. They mght not be the best for the hot weather, but I love how they look with simple tops and buttoned down shirts.


3. brown belt – Everybody should have a belt in their closet. Period. It’s the one accessory that can make or break an outfit. It changes the way a dress shirt looks on you, it gives that extra bling to a pair of regular pants and can turn a casual outfit into a glamorous one in seconds. While you can have any color you want, I do believe you can work with a brown belt much better than any other color.

I always tried to have one ready and right now I think I have at least five different ones. I have a light brown weaved belt that I use in excess during Summer months, I have a rich dark brown belt with small studs that I use with my various jeans, I have a skinny belt that I mostly use with tops and dresses and I have a baby blue feau-leather belt (just for the kicks).


4. scarf – Words cannot express how awesome scarfs are. Not only you can tie them differently giving them new shapes and looks. But if you have even one oversized scarf you can turn it into a top or even a dress, adding that extra oomph to your look. While any color scheme or pattern will be good, I especially recommend getting something in neutral color scheme so that you can use it in as many stuations as possible.


5. black shoes – Black shoes is the final item on this list, but they are possibly the most important ones. It doesnt matter if you have black flats or pumps or platform shoes. Whichever works for you. But black shoes are a must have.

Over the years I’ve always made sure to have black heels in my closet. I had peeptoe heels that I absolutely adored, and I had a Tstrap heels that were very 1920s and right now I’m sporting black flats (because after badly twisting my ankle I cant yet wear heels). They add elegance to any look (though, sometimes, to make them work, you need additional accessories) and are just brilliant.

Do you have these items in your closet? What are YOUR must-have clothes that you always make sure to have? Leave a comment down below, like and subscribe (it helps a this log a lot) and talk to me on Twitter!

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Shopping spree – MUA Rewards

shopping spree by

I love shopping sprees. In fact, I rarely go shoping for just one thing. I blame it on the fact that I simply love walking around a store and looking at all the products offered.

So when I actually decide to spend some money, I end up with a big haul of things. I might have a problem ;) Which is why I make a point of not going shopping more than once a month (unless I know I can afford it)

So I simply knew that I had to start July with a shopping spree when I saw on Twitter (you can follow me, by the way) that MakeUpAcademy was giving away over L25 in cosmetics for orders L25 and higher. I like their products though I only tried out their eye shadows so far, but they are really affordable, so I ordered a bunch of things I was curious about.

And now I can’t wait for my order to arrive so I can try them all and, of course, show you m awesome MUA haul. I love it when websites ship internationally!

To give you a little sneak peek at what I ordered, I am looking forward to new lipsticks (never enough of those), lip liners, nail polish, eyebrow kit, concealer, primer and a foundation brush. Plus, of course, their #MUAREWARDS freebies. I have to say I’m looking forward to trying their lashes. I have neer tried falsies before (I have very long and dark natural lashes so a need for falsies never came up) so I’m excited!


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Simple tricks to make your nails more interesting

crazy nails by INGLOTYou dont have to have tons of experience or a lot of tools to make your nails interesting. Here are some simple tips to shake things up when it comes to your fingernails.

  • Pick one fingernail and paint it a different color.
    If you’re not very adventurous, you can pick a similar shade and just make it a small difference, or if you want to make a statement, pick a completely different color.
    I usually pick my middle or ring finger if I want to have an interesting manicure but don’t feellike creating a complex nail art.
    If you want a little sparkle, instead of a different color, cover one fingernail in glitter polish
  • Get friendly with Scotch Tape
    You wouldn’t believe the things you can achieve with Scotch Tape.
  • You don’t need a doting tool to make nail art
    If you really want to add some detail to your nails, use a toothpick to make cute dots on your nails. But if you want the to last, don’t forget the top coat.
  • Use a cosmetic sponge
    You can use the eyeshadow applicator or a sponge used to apply make up foundation to add a nice gradient look. You can keep it simple by adding just one color, or maybe just glitter at the tips of your fingernails.
  • Get a special effects nail polish
    I had really good experiences with INGLOT’s Crazy Nails line (pictured above) as well as Nails Inc. Special Effects line. Depending on whether you want a texture or smooth colors, use a top coat or not.
  • Use more than one color, but don’t cover the entire nail
    This is how geometric designs are born and how you can easily make your nails interesting

Remember, the only thing that limits you in creating nail art is your imagination.

Do you have simple tricks for making your nails more interesting? Share!

The Worst/Best Make Up tutorial

I was ready to finish writing for the day but I checked my RSS feed first. I would honestly miss this gem if HuffPo Style section didn’t cover it. At first I didn’t know how to react to the video, because even if satirical, the author is clearly making fun of the beauty/makeup vloggers out there.

Then I realized it’s all in good fun and if you can’t poke fun at yourself, the Internet is clearly not for you.

The good thing is that several days before I watched a similar video by one of my favorite vloggers MissChievous (you can find this video here), so…

It’ a fun comic relief when you know the author is doing all this on purpose. It stops being funny when they are serious.


Let me say goodbye with possibly my favorite quote from the satire video above:

“I like to think of, like, each of my eyelashes is a french fry, and this is the ketchup.”

(I better make sure that the next post that covers mascaras is serious and well written ;)